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Say KZST and WIN!

We're giving away $100 bills! All you have to do is Say KZST and WIN!
We could call you at any time...on any day...and when we call...we're going to have one question for you...
What's YOUR favorite radio station?
To win YOUR crisp $100 bill all you have to do is Say KZST and WIN!


We're placing calls throughout Sonoma County between 8am-9pm 7 days a week [weekends too]. If you like...we can call you at work. We can call you at home. We can call you on your cell phone while you're driving [hands free of course!]


We'll be asking what's your favorite radio station? You can say 100.1, you can say 100.1 KZST, you can say Sonoma County's Radio Station 100.1 KZST -It's all good!


If you say KZST, we'll give you $100.00 in cash! Go out to dinner! Night on the town! Get your nails done! It's $100.00 for you to do whatever you want to do!


If you want to get a call from us, enter below and give us your name and all the phone numbers you'd like to be called at. - You have to include at least one! Don't forget to let your friends know too!

Contest Rules: Click Here
*By entering this contest you agree to receive periodic emails with events, offers, and promotional marketing messages from KZST.
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