As a licensee of the Federal Communications Commission, Redwood Empire Stereocasters affords equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.


EEO Annual Report for Redwood Empire Stereocasters


This Annual EEO Report is filed on behalf of KZST (FM), KJZY (FM) and KTRY (FM) (the “Stations”) in compliance with the FCC’s EEO reporting requirements.  KZST, KJZY and KTRY, owned by Redwood Empire Stereocasters, share at least one employee.  Thus, FCC rules deem the Stations a “single employment unit” and requires the filing of a joint report.  This report includes information from August 1, 2009, through July 31, 2010, and will be placed in the Stations’ public files and on the Stations’ respective websites.


Job Vacancy Information


KZST, KJZY and KTRY are equal opportunity employers that are committed to meeting the Stations’ EEO obligations.  All full-time job vacancies are posted with several sources, including national and local minority organizations, schools, newspapers, and help-wanted and industry websites.  The Stations’ list of recruitment sources has been updated to include email addresses and will be used to notify potential applicants for full-time positions.  The Stations will continue to actively seek out new sources.  The Stations encourage organizations that distribute employment information or refer prospective candidates to contact us so that they may be placed on our mailing list to receive notification of future vacancies.  The Stations will broadcast announcements four times a year in rotating dayparts inviting interested organizations to be added to our mailing list.  Notices on the Stations’ websites extend a similar invitation.  Print ads in local publications containing this notice will be placed annually.


Long-Term Recruitment Measures


The Stations participate in long-term recruitment measures both individually and together. Job/Career Fairs are attended by Stations General Manager, Sales Manager (Regional or Local) and/or Business Manager and if another specific opening exists, the appropriate department head attends.


The Stations participate in Career Days at local schools.


The Stations participate in a scholarship program for local students to facilitate their study of broadcasting.




Specific Full-Time Positions Filled


Sales/Marketing Consultant        Open             


The Stations continue to refine procedures and increase recruitment sources.


The Stations will regularly assess and improve recruitment methods and sources by analyzing their effectiveness and making changes as appropriate.




The Stations furnish all job listings to the following organizations that distribute information about employment opportunities to job seekers:

            Website          2-prong, comprehensive list of California sources

College of Marin

            Fax:                 415-457-3896

Empire College

            Fax:                 707-546-4008

            Phone:            707-546-4000

            Address:        3035 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA  95403

            Contact:          Lucille Inman, Career Services Assistant


San Francisco State University/BECA Department Office

            Fax:                 415-338-1168

            Phone:            415-338-1787

            Address:        1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA  94132

            Contact:          Angela Dornbusch, Assistant Office Manager


Santa Rosa Junior College, Student Employment

            Fax:                 707-524-1712

            Phone:            707-524-1702

            Address:        1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA  95401

            Contact:          Shirley Turnbull, Student Employment Specialist



Sonoma State University Career Center

Fax:                 707-664-4016

            Phone:            707-664-3127

            Address:        1801 E. Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA  94928

            Contact:          Anne Greenblatt





Cloverdale Regional Library

            Fax:                 707-894-1861

            Phone:            707-894-5271

            Address:        401 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, CA  95425

            Contact:          Debbie Hand, Branch Manager

Guerneville Regional Library

            Fax:                 707-869-1267

            Phone:            707-869-9004

            Address:        14107 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville, CA  95446

            Contact:          Mairi Barksy, Branch Manager


Healdsburg Public Library

            Fax:                 707-433-7946

            Phone:            707-433-3772

            Address:        139 Piper Street, Healdsburg, CA  95448

            Contact:          Catherine Martin, Branch Manager

Coach 2 Career, Catholic Charities

            Fax:                 707-575-5330

            Phone:            707-542-5426

            Address:        465 “A” Street, Santa Rosa, CA  95403

            Contact:          Bonifacio Torres, Coordinator


*Sonoma County Job Link – Sonoma County Human Services Department

            Fax:                 707-565-5555

            Phone:            707-565-5550

            Address:        2245 Challenger Way, Santa Rosa, CA  95407

            Contact:          Resource Room and/or Alix Shor (565-5602)

YWCA of Sonoma County

            Fax:                 707-546-0969

            Phone:            707-546-9922

            Address:        2255 Challenger Way, Santa Rosa, CA  95407

            Contact:          Career Counselor

*Goods Entertainment

            Fax:                 801-460-3100

            Phone:            800-867-9532


            Contact:          Adam Goodman



The Stations furnish job listings to the following website job posting sources that distribute information about employment opportunities to job seekers:


California Employment Development Department

National Association of Broadcasters Clearinghouse

   – purchased ads when requested



Sonoma County Help


            (linked via our website)


Below is a list of Job Fairs/Career Days attended during the period:


Career and Internship Expo at Sonoma State University, School of Business & Economics, October 21, 2009.  Sponsored by SSU School of Business and Economics and Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce.  Patrick Stelzner, Director of Sales.  Employers and internship sponsors can interact directly with highly competitive students for both employment and internships.


Career Exploration Day at Santa Rosa Junior College, Petaluma Campus.  November 4, 2009.  Linda Gummerson, VP/Business Manager.  This program offers opportunity for one-on-one discussions with students about their career goals and offers a collaborative forum to share insights about broadcasting with tomorrow’s workforce and the instructors who are now training them.


Sonoma State University – World of Work, Rohnert Park Campus, February 25, 2010.  Tom Skinner, VP/General Manager and Patrick Stelzner, Director of Sales.  Job and career fair for those looking to begin in the world of work. 


Northern California Broadcasters Association Job Fair – May 10, 2010.  Attended and staffed by George Kalianis, Regional Sales Manager.  Job Fair reaches entire Bay Area to ensure a diversity of applicants for all positions at station.


Below is a list of Seminars/Job/Career Fairs co-sponsored:


5th Annual “Latinos in the Workplace” seminar.  March 11, 2010.  Seminar for business owners on what employers and supervisors need to know about the Hispanic work culture if they have Latino employees.


SRJC (Santa Rosa Junior College) Career Expo & Job Fair 2010.  April 27, 2010.  Targeted to those seeking resources and contacts for finding work or exploring new careers.  Corporate sponsor.


Intern Program:


Ongoing intern program in Promotions Department.

June 2009-August 2009.  Erika Ramsey, Sonoma County resident and student a Sonoma State University, interested in broadcast career.  She worked on stations promotions, website, fun and games research.


Station Tours designed to provoke interest in careers in broadcasting:


12/3/09:  Zeina Bekdache, Sonoma State University Student.  Tour and interview for her Communication Class.

12/10/09:  Rincon Valley Charter School 8th Grade Class.  Tour discussed students need for high school and higher education for jobs in broadcasting and other careers.

12/28/09:  Cub Scouts.  They are always curious about what goes on in a radio station.  We discuss various positions and what may be needed in future to pursue jobs in broadcasting.

1/15/10:  Liberty School – Kindergarten Class.  Hope to create a very early interest in radio at a very early age.

3/3/10:  Tiger Cub Scout Den.  This was a “go see it” activity the Cub Scouts must complete.  May spark interest someday.

3/26/10:  Cub Scouts, Santa Rosa.  They are always curious about the radio stations.  We introduce them to various positions and what may be needed in future to pursue jobs in broadcasting.

3/31/10:  Tiger Cubs, Sebastopol.  This young group expressed curiosity about radio.  If we can spark interest in broadcasting at this early age, we hope to have future employees.




Date of Opening:                                           3/12/10

Job Title:                                                        Marketing Consultant

Stations:                                                         KTRY – Country 106.3

Applicants, number of:                                  22

Dates of Interviews:                                      4/1/10, 4/12/10, 5/14/10, 6/22/10

Candidates Interviewed, number of:           5

Candidate Hired:                                          yes

Hire Date:                                                      7/26/10

Referral Sources for Interviewees:  Radio Jobs Now, Craigs List, Radio Ad

Empire College

                                                                        San Francisco State University

                                                                        Santa Rosa Jr College, Student Employment

                                                                        Sonoma State Career Services

                                                                        Sonoma County Job Link

                                                                        YWCA of Sonoma County

                                                               (Employment Development job Site)

                                                                        KTRY(KTRY) website posting


                                                                        Radio ad on Country 106.3 – KTRY(KTRY)

                                                                        Unsolicited – walk-in or fax-in

                                                                        Internal Referral

                                                                        Referrals & drop-ins







There are currently no full-time positions open.