Favorite food Lumpia
Favorite drink Lemonade with Iced Tea
Favorite color Purple
Favorite movie Down Periscope
Favorite actor Tom Hanks
Favorite book Any American History Book
Currently reading Instruction book from Nikon
Cause I most believe in People
What makes me see red People with closed minds
Favorite sport Football
Favorite song I love em all
Favorite group Beatles
Favorite singer ?????
My first rock concert The California Jam 3 days in LA
Favorite TV show past/present The Daily Show
Person(s) I most admire Tom Smothers, George Carlin
You'd be surprised that I Am 6' 4"
Favorite sports car 67 Camaro (mine)
If I could have any job, what would it be? This is it baby
Quality I admire most/least in a person Passion
First paying job Picking Pears
Favorite junk food Junior Mints and Crunchy Cheetos
I would like to star in the remake of FM
If I weren't in radio, my career would be? Motivational
First crush Virginia, red hair, green eyes..oohhhh
Pet peeve Stupidity
My most embarrassing moment Hosted a concert in front of 10 thousand people with my zipper down (oops)
My first car 1964 Mercedes 220 SEB
Greatest achievement I'm not done yet
Most treasured possession Freedom of speech
My best quality Willing to help everyone I can
My worst quality Willing to help everyone I can
If I could live anywhere it would be Right here in Sonoma County, or Hawaii
Dumbest thing I ever did Didn't go back to college
Smartest thing I ever did Took a job as a DJ in Sonoma County