Favorite food Pizza
Favorite drink Pinot Noir
Favorite color Black & Orange
Favorite movie Swingers
Favorite actor Vince Vaughn
Favorite book Genius: The Bill Walsh Story
Currently reading Guy Fieri's new one
Cause I most believe in Education
What makes me see red Pedestrians who don't respect cars
Favorite sport Sharks Hockey
Favorite song Don't Stop Believing
Favorite group Wonderbread 5
Favorite singer Jimmy Fallon
My first rock concert Grateful Dead
Favorite TV show past/present The Wire
Person(s) I most admire George Carlin
You'd be surprised that I Still have a woobie
Favorite sports car a Hybrid
If I could have any job, what would it be? I'd like to own a diner, drive-in, or dive
Quality I admire most/least in a person Kindness / Narcissism
First paying job Chart house Restaurant
Favorite junk food Cadbury eggs
I would like to star in the remake of Office Space
If I weren't in radio, my career would be? Wine
First crush Punky Brewster
Pet peeve Pedestrians who don't respect cars
My most embarrassing moment Mom walked in while making out
My first car 1989 Hyundai Excel
Greatest achievement Respectability
Most treasured possession Giant's World Series Ring
My best quality Humor
My worst quality Irish blood
If I could live anywhere it would be Sonoma County
Dumbest thing I ever did Attend an all guys high school
Smartest thing I ever did Moved to Sonoma County