Beverly Hills PICK A PURSE!



1. Listen Every morning at 8:10
Brent Farris will recap the purses we have added, update you on the prizes inside and the party at Montgomery Village.

2. Call In or Text in to win
At different times of the day, Monday though Friday, we will open the studio phone lines or Text lines so you can try and win an invitation. Some times we will ask for a special caller, and some times it will be a special word to text. All you need to do is listen to KZST and the announcer will tell you what to do. We promise it will be very easy to enter and because we respect your privacy, your phone number etc. is always secure.

3. Once you win
If you are the winner, we will ask you for your Name, phone number and Email. You will come to the KZST studios at 3392 Mendocino ave. ( across the street from Kaiser in Santa Rosa ). Bring a photo ID and we will give you your personal, one of a kind, Pick a Purse Invitation. You can bring 1 friend if you want and while only you can win a purse, there will be other treats just for them.

One More Thing:
This contest is limited to 20 winners, your invitation must be used personally by you. It can not be transferred, sold or altered in any way. You will be responsible for all taxes fees etc. on the purse and any additional prizes you win that afternoon. You must have your original KZST Invitation, with you or you will not be admitted to the party. Gates open at 5:30pm, we give away the first purse at 6. If you are not in attendance at 6pm your invitation will be given away to someone in the audience at the event and no new ticket will be issued. The order of who chooses a purse will be determined by random drawing. There is no fee or charge to attend the party or win a purse. because alcohol is being served, you must be over 21 to win a purse or attend the party inside the ropes.

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