KZST Christmas Page!

Christmas Music on KZST
We are playing all of your Christmas favorites on KZST all the time! If you would like to hear a song give us a call in the KZST Studio at 284-1000. If you heard one you liked you can CLICK HERE to see our playlist.

Sonoma County's Secret Santa
We know that the need is bigger then ever this year so KZST has teamed up with the Volunteer Center and Friedmans Home Improvement to help more families this Holiday season. There are 3 ways for you to get involved.
1. Pick up a Red gift heart at one of the participating locations around Sonoma County.
2. Adopt a letter that we are going to be reading on the air untill December 16th.
3. Donate, and request a song during the Secret Santa Marathon, to fill the needs in the letters and Hearts that do not get adopted.

Secret Santa Marathon
Brent Farris, Debbie Abrams, Darren McCormick and the Secret Santa Elves will be in Santa Rosa at Montgomery Village, in Village Court; Thursday, December 17th at 6am until Friday, December 18th at 9am taking donations, to play your requests. Every single penny you donate will go directly to helping families that are in need this holiday season.

Christmas In The Air
On Christmas eve all the way through Christmas day KZST will be playing all your Christmas favorites commercial free.

Christmas Recipes
Christmas Tree Lots
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Lights