KZST Secret Santa!

1. Who can receive Secret Santa Presents?
Anybody can be a Secret Santa and anyone in Sonoma County can receive Secret Santa's help. You can write a letter for yourself, your children, your friends, even someone you know who would never ask for help on their own, but needs Secret Santa's Assistance. We are here for everyone, especially if you have been affected by the fires!

2. How to write a Secret Santa letter?
Click on this link SECRET SANTA NOW and answer the questions. Make sure to tell us your story. What happened that caused you to need Secret Santas help. Tell us about your kids, and your family. Be descriptive because our listeners want to get to know you, and how they can help. Think of it as a letter to your best friend. Don't worry, we won't use your name, addresses or email on the radio. That is why we call it Secret Santa.

3. What can you ask from Secret Santa?
You can ask for anything, and we will do our best to match you up with someone who can help. If you need help with rent, if you lost everything in the fire, just ask. Bikes, clothes, food, refrigerators, washers and dryers, computers, toys for the kids, Christmas trees...we have even helped some people getting or repairing cars. The simple stuff is easy, the impossible may take a little longer

4. How does Secret Santa work?
Just click on the link SECRET SANTA NOW and send us your letter. We read them on the radio and listeners call into fulfill them. Our Staff of Elves will call you personally to keep you informed on the progress your letter is taking. When have it filled, we will let you know where you can pick it up or where you need it delivered. This is not a government program so none of your personal information will ever be made public unless you want it to.

Well, that is enough to get you started. If you have any questions just

Write a Secret Santa Letter