Pet of the Week

KZST Pet of the Week - Lotus


AGE: 6 years, 1 months (approx.)

SEX: Female


BREED: Hound Mix

Phone: 707-542-0882

I am a 43lb mixed breed pup, as enchanting and serene as the flower I’m named after. In the presence of loving companions, I bloom into my best self. I find my zen when I’m with my people, so I would love a home where someone works from home or lets me stay by their side. I prefer to be the only dog in the house, ensuring our bond is as deep and harmonious as can be.

I find bliss in the simple pleasures—an invigorating game of fetch in the park, mindful training sessions, and peaceful strolls around the neighborhood where I can immerse myself in the beauty of nature.

I cherish moments of calm and rest. There’s nothing like a rejuvenating nap, curling up in a cozy spot, and dreaming of our next adventure together. Just like the lotus rises gracefully from the depths of muddy waters, I bring light and positivity wherever I go, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with my playful spirit and infectious enthusiasm.

If your seeking a companion to walk through the garden of life with  love, laughter, and the occasional muddy paw print, then I may be the one for you.