Pet of the Week

KZST Pet of the Week: AjaxAjax – From Trojan to Tripod

Age: 2 years, 1 month (approx.)

Breed: American Bulldog

Sex: Male


Phone: 707.542.0882

I am Ajax, the legendary dog of myth and legend! You see, they didn’t just name me after anyone, they gave me a super cool name from Greek Mythology – Ajax, the Trojan War hero! And I must say, I’m pretty sure I inherited his heroic spirit.

In the grand chronicles of my life, there was a moment when uncertainty clouded my path, and alas my leg was wounded. But fear not, for I underwent a miraculous transformation at the Humane Society of Sonoma County, and I now stride proudly as a tripod! which is, obviously, the coolest thing ever. You know what they say, “Three legs are better than four,” or maybe I just made that up….

When Halloween comes around Picture me, if you will, as a fearless pirate, navigating the high seas on a daring adventure, shouting, “Arrr, matey!” But deep down, what my heart truly seeks is something beyond mere treasure chests and buried bones. I yearn for the greatest treasure of all – love and companionship.

While I may be as brave as the ajax before me, I also long for someone who can be brave for me and love me as I am. For you see, beneath this legendary exterior beats the heart of the happiest and most affectionate dog you’ll ever encounter, with a face so irresistibly squishy that it’s practically a love magnet. My life’s purpose revolves around snuggles, scratches, and, above all, an abundance of love!

So, brave soul, will you join me on a heroic quest, not for gold or glory, but for the ultimate treasure: an enduring friendship filled with love and unwavering loyalty? I promise, it will be an epic “tail”… I mean, tale!