Debbie Abrams

Monday - Friday
5:30 AM - 10 AM
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Debbie has been working in radio broadcasting for nearly thirty years, and has been employed in such places as Washington State and California, including the Oroville and Chico markets. She’s been on the air at KZST for more than twenty years. She holds two college degrees; in English from UCLA and Broadcast Journalism at Cal State Northridge.

“I love my job and I love radio…because I love to talk! I love to entertain and I love to inform people about what’s going on; and most importantly, I love to give my opinion (except not in the news)!

It’s work, but I really feel like I am playing every day. That’s a fun side: the entertainment part; and there’s a serious side: in an emergency, crisis situation, like a fire or flood. Either way we communicate with the masses and I feel like I make a difference.”

What makes Debbie unique? Where shall we begin? She is by far the most opinionated voice on the radio, besides Brent (but, she’s way less corny)! Debbie tends to be more edgy and push the boundaries a bit because the audience is used to her after all these years.

“I don’t like the word “no.” If anyone says that to me, I may not always listen.”

Debbie is married to Britt Cooper, a.k.a. “Banker Boy” and they have four children between them and reside in Windsor.

Debbie brings her authentic self to the airwaves and considers herself an acquired taste. “I’m like a glass of wine: the more you listen to me, the more you say, “Hey…she really does make sense. And that just makes my day!”

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