Say KZST & Win!

Say KZST & Win!

Say KZST and WIN!!!

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Every day…weekends too, we could be calling YOU to ask “What’s your Favorite Radio Station ?” 

If you answer “KZST” you win $100.00 on the spot.

  • Do I need to come to the KZST Studios to pick up the money when I win?  Nope… We will mail you the check.
  • When will you call ?  We place calls every day of the week  between 8am and 8pm .
  • How will I know it is KZST on the phone ? You
    won’t know. But we will tell you that we are from a “Local Radio
    Station” and ask you if you would like to play a contest for 100
    dollars? By the Way, we will also be letting you know that we will
    record the call and it may be used on the radio.  You will not be
    recorded unless you give us permission.
  • Are there any other ways I can win?  Yes,
    in the near future we could text you or send you an Email asking you
    what your favorite radio station is, but that hasnt started yet. We will
    let you know on the air when that feature has begun.
  • How do you pick a phone number to call? We
    select a number at random from the White Pages and Yellow Pages of the
    Sonoma County Phone Book.  Soon we will have a way for you to tell us
    your number so we can call Email or Text from those numbers too.  You
    won’t have to be on that VIP List to win but it will increase your
    chances that we call especialy if you have an unlisted number.
  • Are there any age limits?  No age limit but if don’t let us  record the call, you you cant play the game.
  • Will there be Prizes?
    YES but that feature of SAY KZST and WIN is in development right now
    and will soon be on the radio. We think you are going to like it.
  • What if I dont say KZST is my favorite radio station?
    Heaven forbid !!!  If you dont say KZST then you don’t win, but that
    doesn’t mean we won’t call back and ask again.  We would love you to
    listen to KZST and we would love to give you money.
  • How long will you be playing the game?  Right now we are planning on making calls until 2024 but you never know.
  • Will you leave a message if I don’t answer?
    Yes, but at that point the contest is over for that call.  If you miss
    the call , don’t worry we could call back again to give you another
  • Who do I talk to if I have any questons?
    If you have any comments, ideas or even prizes you would like to win on
    top of the 100 dollars, our Live Studio lines are at 707-284-1000. If
    you want to Email us you can do that at